.. you smell like a monkey, and you look like one to!!

One of my best friends turned 16 last week: Suus (meet her on www.thelullabyofthemoon.blogspot.com), and thursday we went with the whole gang to go eat pancakes, after that we went to the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. A fine movie, but one aspect was just incredible.. Like, I don't know.. The cutest guy in the history of cute guys: Hugh Dancy.. Thank God it's a Men's world.
These are some pic's I took on the way to the movietheatre with Suus' camera..
my lovely models were:
Lotte, Mimi, Grace, Jeroen, Annelot, Inge and off course the happy B-day-girl

Just walking..

Everybody.. (accept me off course)

Pretty Girl Lotte

Crazy Grace & Happy B-day-girl Suus

Is it a Catwalk??

again: Everybody but me


Heavy Stuff

Mimi&Grace&Suus.. Very artistic..

Aren't we pretty??

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  1. It was amazing:D I had a great time! Best birthday party ever!
    thanks love!