Going to the Carnaval

Yoehoe!!! It's Spring, and we have a week off!!.. The vacation before summervacation!! YESS..
Normally we celebrate things like this at our Spot (the Coffee Company, 10 minutes away from our school), But not this time.. No, no... We went to the Carnaval, only 5 minutes away from our school... I go to the Carnaval, and I take with me: Little Mimi, Suus, Gracie, Lotterd, Annieloo & Jeronimoo.. And today was just the start of an amazing week!!
(Because on Friday w'll all go the the parc again, this time with an even bigger group)
(Because on Friday-eve, I'll go to J.'s play, and then w'll go into the farrestwheel)
(Because on Wednesday, I'll go with Suzanne to... AMSTERDAM!!)

The Lotterds

scared?? No way!!

That, ladies&gentlemen, is a happy J.

Sexy us (except for Annieloo)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a falling Mimi...


Gangster us (except for Annieloo)

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  1. We had loads of fun:D Only after the last thing we went to, I felt a little dizzy xD