Friends+ Sunshine+ a appartment all to yourself=

A very very long time since I posted something, my dearest appologies to the people who commented my blog, but didnt get any response. One of the reasons of my absense was that I lost the thingie that connected my camera with my computer, so I couldnt put my photos on my computer. I got a new one; so here they are!
These are the pictures of a trip my and my friends made. It was at the end of this summer, we went to my grandmothers apartment in Zealand. We all had an amazing time, and we're planning on doing the same thing next year.



Annelot and Martinus

Grace catching the ball

Maarten in his green Tshirt, wrestling with a tree

Men who are cleaning the house, life as it should be.

biking at sunset


Annieloo, Gracie und moi


Best End Scene Ever

This scene is from the movie Cruel Intensions, adn it's the only scene I ever really cried and laughed at the same time.. I wouldnt want to spoil it for the people who still want to see the movie (this scene is the ending, so it's not really fun to see the ending before you saw the movie), so you can pick your experience :D.

Experience #1: You've never seen the movie, but you want to.

Please listen to this song

Bittersweet Symphony

It's used in the end-scene, but it's an amazing song on it's own!

Experience #2: Option 1: You've never seen the movie, and your not planning to.
Option 2: You saw the movie, an you would like to see the genius end-scene again.

For the option 1-people: I'll give a short explanation. The dark-haired girl is called Kathryn. A populair "perfect"girl, who everyone looks up to, and the step-sister of Sebastian, the dead boy who's on the picture in the beginning. In the movie, K& S had a bet. If Sebastian could pull it of to get the blond girl (who's in the little-girls-room with Kathryn) Annet in bed with him, He wins. If he cant, then Kathryn wins. This bet totaly gets out of hand, patly because Annet and Sebastian fall in love, and Kathryn becomes jeleous. In the end Sebastian dies, because of a lie Katrhyn told. She thinks she can get away with it, but she didn't expect Sebastian's Journal to show up.


Eli Rietveld

Photography: Marco van Rijt
Model: Eli Rietveld
Designs and styling: Niels Brinkman (www.nielsbrinkman.com)
Grooming: Linda Kock for M.A.C. Make-up
Assistant photography: Nader Lajvardi



We're dancing on this song at school. My whole dancinggroup always sings along, it's energie-producing, haha:P


Diva's going DOWN

Little Mimi found a really cool contest on the Elle-website. They where looking for new magazine-talent, and there where different catagories which you could sign up for. We worked as an team, and choose to make an fotoshoot.
It was hard work (I had an backpack with al shoot-supplies and I fell when I was running for the bus. I couldnt stand up anymore.. How elegant) but we had a lot of fun that day. The models (mimi&jade) were in the beginning quite uncompferteble with posing in the middle of the crowded city, but in the end they posed away:P

The concept was: Diva's Going DOWN. We added the whole credit-crunch idea to it, and we created downtown-diva's. In teh middle of the city. With glitterdresses and satin gloves:P
What an experience!



I got an award from Naka!!! How cool!
Jeeeh, I'm so happy!

The rules are:

1. Each blogger must post this rules

2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts / habits about themselves.

3. Blogger that are tagged need write about their own blog their ten things and post these rules.

4. Don't forget to leave them comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog.

10 facts

* the whole blog-idea was not mine, it was Mimi's (www.acagedbirddreams.blogspot.com)
* I love picking clothes for other people more then picking clothes for myself.
* The most importent thing in my life are my friends
* I wish I could have the Daisy-Lowe-Haircut, but it would make me ghost-looking..
* I prefer being on the other side of the camera.
* Making a pretty draw is the best feeling ever for me.
* I think bambi is the cutest disney-caracter ever
* I wish I had freckles
* One of my biggest dreams is touching Luke Pritchards hair
* I wish I had curly, or even a little bit curly, hair

The bloggers I'll give this award to are:

Because she came up with the whole blog-idea and her blog is just awesome ;D

Well, men can learn from him, and girls can dream their men will ever look as awesome.

Not really an original choice, none the less: She's an amazing blogger, and no post from her will ever be boring (except for the the fact that she just ALWAYS looks good)

Because her name is Lola-Elise (how genius!!), and because she really knows what beauty is. Look at the pic's, just perfection.

Thank u thank u Naka, i'm reallyreallyreally happy with it!
(Naka: http://nakasnet.blogspot.com/)


Strip: The perfect men-jacket, and the second-to late Men

I rememerd a comment on my "Comic"-post, from Faridah.. That comic is not in English, and then I thought: Why won't I make an Enhlish strip:P??"
So: tadaaa, here's the very first based-on-the-truth-but-with-a-little-twist small strip!
Yesterday I went with Little Mimi to rotterdam, and in the H&M we found the "Perfect men-Jacket".. (I have a thing for menclothes.. I always try to convince Jerrie to buy more things I pick, but he's kinda stingy..)


ooh, Happy day!!!

Someone made my day!!

YAHOOO, an award from Dapper Kid, one of the bloggers of my fave-Blogger-List!!
Oooh, I'm so happy! I got the one-lovely-blog-award!! Jeeh :D
Hihi, i just can't stop smiling!!
Why should I:P
Thanks Dapper Kid, Thank you soooo much!!!

I'll pass it to these lovely bloggers (the idea is that you guys send it to bloggers who you think that deserve it also :P):
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check these blogs! Pure awesome-ness



Oke, what do I do during class.. Yep, me very own comicstrip, and (believe it or not) it's autobiographical.. I'll spare you the details from the story of this "masterwork", but it's about my friends and I, (superhero's, go figure) saving our world (called The Space.. I know, I know), from problemes, who our all-time-enemies Gaite and Amy (together: GAME.. ahaa) create.. All right, it's not the next Spiderman or Wonderwomen.. But at least it get's me threw the day..