I Fell in Love Without you...

This is the best, sweetest love-song ever... Try to learn the lines, and if you sing along: Shout it from: EVERY ACHING MOVE!!!!(my friend J. says that it's he sings something else then "move", but I don't really care, because I sing whatever i want to sing, haha)



London Skyline

The ones who follow Little Mimi's blog (www.acagedbirddreams.blogspot.com) knows that she's moving.. I'm one of the lucky ones who already saw her new room (AND I'M SOOO JELEOUS!!!, I mean, she has a walk-in-closet!!)
Anyway, she asked me to draw something in her room, and Little Mimi has an severe London-obsession.. So, what better to draw, then her own personnel London-Skyline??

Next step: A London-view from her bedroomwindow.. :P


Carnaval at Night...

I never really liked the Carnaval.. I mean, loud music, creepy men, cheap plastic prices.. But I experienced a whole new dimension of Carnaval, last Friday..
Carnaval at Night.. I'd never done that before, and after the play of J., I went there with Mimi, Joey (with the black curls), Jeroen, Mathilde (with the dark skin and big smile) her nephew (I dont really know his name), Sofianne (with the blond curls) and her Boyfriend Guillermo (with the dark skin and the cute smile)..
It was amazing, I had the real Carnaval-Experience...

Soof & Guillermo

J. & me

Again, Soof & G-mo..

Joey& Mimi.................Tilly and her nephew


Flying Joey and Mimi



Tree Women

It's becoming a classic place-to-hang-choice: The Parc. This time we where with a bigger group then last time:
Mimi, Lotte, Suus, Grace, Annelot, Jeroen (and Martinus came later..)
The same rule: You're only allowed to come if you bring candy and/or food and/or soda and/or beer and/ or your camera...
But it was a special day in the parc, we saw 2 brides taking pictures in the parc. It was so cute to see.. So I took some pic's of the brides as well.. Of course I also took pic's of Mimi (DUUH) and Lotte was also very-into-the camera Yesterday..

For the Happy Couple..

I see three things in that tree, that don't belong there...

That's one beautiful Happy Girl..


Ma petite Hippie..

How to climbe a tree??

High in the Sky

Black Beauty Bride

which one is more cute??

To climbe, or not to Climbe??

T(h)ree Girls...



You know what is the second best thing is about a holiday?? Pre-fun.. Yesterday we've had mathclass, but no teacher. We where supposed to do our homework on the computer.. Yeah right..
FunFunFun, with a camera..
With: Grace & Mimi

Tik, tak... Almost done..

toothpaste-commercial :D

Gracie et Moi

Little mi(mi)ss Sunshine, in the Sunshine


Weird Me & Sexy Mi

Flying Mimi!


Going to the Carnaval

Yoehoe!!! It's Spring, and we have a week off!!.. The vacation before summervacation!! YESS..
Normally we celebrate things like this at our Spot (the Coffee Company, 10 minutes away from our school), But not this time.. No, no... We went to the Carnaval, only 5 minutes away from our school... I go to the Carnaval, and I take with me: Little Mimi, Suus, Gracie, Lotterd, Annieloo & Jeronimoo.. And today was just the start of an amazing week!!
(Because on Friday w'll all go the the parc again, this time with an even bigger group)
(Because on Friday-eve, I'll go to J.'s play, and then w'll go into the farrestwheel)
(Because on Wednesday, I'll go with Suzanne to... AMSTERDAM!!)

The Lotterds

scared?? No way!!

That, ladies&gentlemen, is a happy J.

Sexy us (except for Annieloo)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a falling Mimi...


Gangster us (except for Annieloo)


Last Christmas...

Christmas Tree..

These pic's have been taken a long time ago... It was Christmas time, and for the first time, my friends came to The Hague. Our school is in Rotterdam, and everyone lives there as wel, I'm the only one who lives in The Hague..
That day we went shopping, we drank hot choco and we went to a play..
I remember that day well, it was one of the most amazing days I'd ever had..

Is it a bird.. Is it a plain?? NO IT'S A TRAIN!!!

Peace with Lotte&Mimi

Little Mimi

Yep, that's a trainticket

Lot.. Trying to wishle:P


Freezing Mimi

Maistro J.

Crazy Us