Tree Women

It's becoming a classic place-to-hang-choice: The Parc. This time we where with a bigger group then last time:
Mimi, Lotte, Suus, Grace, Annelot, Jeroen (and Martinus came later..)
The same rule: You're only allowed to come if you bring candy and/or food and/or soda and/or beer and/ or your camera...
But it was a special day in the parc, we saw 2 brides taking pictures in the parc. It was so cute to see.. So I took some pic's of the brides as well.. Of course I also took pic's of Mimi (DUUH) and Lotte was also very-into-the camera Yesterday..

For the Happy Couple..

I see three things in that tree, that don't belong there...

That's one beautiful Happy Girl..


Ma petite Hippie..

How to climbe a tree??

High in the Sky

Black Beauty Bride

which one is more cute??

To climbe, or not to Climbe??

T(h)ree Girls...


  1. It was fun!! Love the tree pictures!

  2. Love the pictures<3 so carefree! <3

  3. your blog is so fun! full of colors. love it.