Last Christmas...

Christmas Tree..

These pic's have been taken a long time ago... It was Christmas time, and for the first time, my friends came to The Hague. Our school is in Rotterdam, and everyone lives there as wel, I'm the only one who lives in The Hague..
That day we went shopping, we drank hot choco and we went to a play..
I remember that day well, it was one of the most amazing days I'd ever had..

Is it a bird.. Is it a plain?? NO IT'S A TRAIN!!!

Peace with Lotte&Mimi

Little Mimi

Yep, that's a trainticket

Lot.. Trying to wishle:P


Freezing Mimi

Maistro J.

Crazy Us


  1. Very fun pictures!
    Looks like you've worked out how to make pictures big:) Well done!

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