Friends+ Sunshine+ a appartment all to yourself=

A very very long time since I posted something, my dearest appologies to the people who commented my blog, but didnt get any response. One of the reasons of my absense was that I lost the thingie that connected my camera with my computer, so I couldnt put my photos on my computer. I got a new one; so here they are!
These are the pictures of a trip my and my friends made. It was at the end of this summer, we went to my grandmothers apartment in Zealand. We all had an amazing time, and we're planning on doing the same thing next year.



Annelot and Martinus

Grace catching the ball

Maarten in his green Tshirt, wrestling with a tree

Men who are cleaning the house, life as it should be.

biking at sunset


Annieloo, Gracie und moi