Strip: The perfect men-jacket, and the second-to late Men

I rememerd a comment on my "Comic"-post, from Faridah.. That comic is not in English, and then I thought: Why won't I make an Enhlish strip:P??"
So: tadaaa, here's the very first based-on-the-truth-but-with-a-little-twist small strip!
Yesterday I went with Little Mimi to rotterdam, and in the H&M we found the "Perfect men-Jacket".. (I have a thing for menclothes.. I always try to convince Jerrie to buy more things I pick, but he's kinda stingy..)


ooh, Happy day!!!

Someone made my day!!

YAHOOO, an award from Dapper Kid, one of the bloggers of my fave-Blogger-List!!
Oooh, I'm so happy! I got the one-lovely-blog-award!! Jeeh :D
Hihi, i just can't stop smiling!!
Why should I:P
Thanks Dapper Kid, Thank you soooo much!!!

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Oke, what do I do during class.. Yep, me very own comicstrip, and (believe it or not) it's autobiographical.. I'll spare you the details from the story of this "masterwork", but it's about my friends and I, (superhero's, go figure) saving our world (called The Space.. I know, I know), from problemes, who our all-time-enemies Gaite and Amy (together: GAME.. ahaa) create.. All right, it's not the next Spiderman or Wonderwomen.. But at least it get's me threw the day..


Mais oui, Paris!!

I'm back from Paris.. Tired, broken and hungry. But in a very good mood, because it was AMAZING!! I had such a great time, I laughed, i shopped, I saw, I walked.. And much more:P
we were dropped at the Eiffeltower, and then Mimi, Cissy, Jeroen and I went to the metrostation. We Went to LaFayette (the big, beautiful, rich-people-only-mall), L'opera, Les Halles (again, a mall, only this time also for "normal" people), and Montmatre (with his beautiful Sacre Coeur).. For breakfast: Starbucks (we don't have starbucks in Holland, grr), for lunch: Starbucks, for Diner: SUSHI!! Njammie..




Allons à Paris!!

Mais oui! I'm going to Paris for one day!! I'm leaving tonight at 2, I'm going with my year and we take the bus. I seriously can't wait, and I'll post my pic's the day after tomorrow.. Ooh, i just can't wait!!! ( I'm going to be sooo tired :P)



Mommy, there's a monster in my closet..

When you live in a different city then your school, it kind of sucks when the trains stop running.. Well, what do you do when is does happen, and you have a day free from school? Well, making a Monsterdress perhaps?? It took my almost all day: But here he is: My own little closet-monster..


Pinky Punkcute..

2 years back, at the end of the schoolyear, Suus brought a doll to school. I hear you,"What, a DOLL?? what are you? eight??"
But it was nothing like that. It was a Blythe. The most expensive kind of dolls that I've ever seen in my life. They're pretty, in a weird way. The girls like them, but the guys are scared of them. In a way they look a bit like the dolls from Chuckie.
Anyway, a Blythe costs around 100 euros, then you have a "normal"one. Love-mission, Hello Harvest, Prima Dollie Ashlet, Biscuit, Rosy Red and so on and so on..
But you can customize them to. Like this one, Pinky Punkcute..

A real Lottelini...

Lotte made this drawing for me today, during English.. I really liked it:P, so I wanted to share it with all of you!!

Thanks Lotterd!!



B. with our labrador Django..

When I went to Amsterdam with Suus, we slept by my sister, who has a floor there with her boyfriend.. Her name is B., she's 26 years old, and studies arthistory.. I love her off course, but there is also another huge pro of having a sister who loves fashion, has a full-time job and lives in (-Holland's fashion city-) Amsterdam...
She has a huge closet, and I love borrowing stuff.. The boots I wore on the pic's of the "Queens of Amsterdam" are also hers..
These items are two of my favorites..

The Blue skarf is from AmericaToday and the Boots are from Fred de la Brettoniere..


Dirty Little Secret..

This clip is sooo awesome!!
muaha, all lies.. And it's all american rejects..
(You can always tell me a lie, just go anonymous :P)


My obsession for curly-boys-hair reaches his boilingpoint whenever I see these guys..
I like a lot of bands and singers.. But the Kooks are my ultimate number one.. Luke Pritchard's curls.. there like.. Heaven-oh-Boy-Hair..
and the clips are so classy, and their music is romantic+rude+angry+ etc.etc..
Listen and see.. You'll agree..

Queens of Amsterdam...

This was the most horrible holiday EVER!!! The only things I did where: making my homework, learning my homework and drowning in my homework.. Except for 2 delightfull days..
Queensday in Amsterdam, with Suus.. We've seen:

- a lot of Heineken
- a lot of JUNK
- a lot of trees
- a lot of cute, older college boys (Seriously, we've found their secret shelter, there all in AMSTERDAM!!!)