Best End Scene Ever

This scene is from the movie Cruel Intensions, adn it's the only scene I ever really cried and laughed at the same time.. I wouldnt want to spoil it for the people who still want to see the movie (this scene is the ending, so it's not really fun to see the ending before you saw the movie), so you can pick your experience :D.

Experience #1: You've never seen the movie, but you want to.

Please listen to this song

Bittersweet Symphony

It's used in the end-scene, but it's an amazing song on it's own!

Experience #2: Option 1: You've never seen the movie, and your not planning to.
Option 2: You saw the movie, an you would like to see the genius end-scene again.

For the option 1-people: I'll give a short explanation. The dark-haired girl is called Kathryn. A populair "perfect"girl, who everyone looks up to, and the step-sister of Sebastian, the dead boy who's on the picture in the beginning. In the movie, K& S had a bet. If Sebastian could pull it of to get the blond girl (who's in the little-girls-room with Kathryn) Annet in bed with him, He wins. If he cant, then Kathryn wins. This bet totaly gets out of hand, patly because Annet and Sebastian fall in love, and Kathryn becomes jeleous. In the end Sebastian dies, because of a lie Katrhyn told. She thinks she can get away with it, but she didn't expect Sebastian's Journal to show up.


  1. SUCH an amazing song! And I absolutely loved Cruel Intentions, the ending was craaazy. Oh, and so sorry to hear about the Cr** epidemic over there in Holland dear. My friends tell me that there is a Cr** shop in Covent Garden, but every time I go there, my eyes refuse to see it. I am pretty sure if I focus hard enough the building is there, but I really would rather not ;)

  2. think I should watch this movie.....

  3. Ive seen that movie over and over again! Its sooo good!!

  4. Nice blog by the way! YOu are welcome to look at my!

  5. my best friend nicknamed this guy Sebastien because he's a whore.
    I'm not sure what his real name is.
    I still call him Sebastien.

  6. I love that movie so much, definitely one of the best!!

  7. Damn I tought I didn´t want too see the movie, and now I do! But now I´ve seen the end already hahaha

  8. Shit i really thought I had it all covert with the experience-choice--option.. Sorry Anna:P

  9. I think this is one of the most genius endings to a movie, I definitely want this song played at my funeral.